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                          Hi ,,i am  Bunifas Dhanwar, and www.jesuschristhelp.com this is our blog. It will try to give you a new message in Hindi and English in both  language, about Lord Jesus,  the Bible, the Mother Mary, and by the Bible on this blog, because Jesue says "I will bless anyone who spreads my word to people"

        A part from this, I have another blog named www.bunifas.blogspot.com, on which I give important interesting information and information about the world, computer information, sea, land,animal plant etc., related to our daily life.

      If you have any information or suggestions regarding any subject, you can give us at bunifasdhanwar@gmail.com. We will reply to you in 24 hours. I will try to give you good information on this blog.

Address : Assam,India
Blog : www.jesuschristhelp.com

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